On the Eve of #Ruins 

27TH MAY 2016 by Rachel Button

I’m writing on the Eve of my new single  release “Ruins”. I feel like a kid of Christmas Eve, I’m so excited to share my new single with the world. 

Im in my childhood room and enjoying being home after 3 years of setting up home in Nashville and now Vancouver. This trip so far has reminded me how important roots are. To quote the Miranda lambert song I feel so blessed by ‘the house that built me’, my family, the church that I grew up in and the choices good and bad that have shaped me. 

My new single Ruins is much more than a song to me, it seemed to evolve into it’s own thing, it resounds with us all and everyone that heard it. It’s funny how music is weirdly powerful in that way.

I’m blessed to have had the pleasure of working with songwriters Ashley Robertson and Tenille, we wrote Ruins last year in nashville and these talented women and artists in their own right, let me record it.

Producer Bobby Holland in Nashville TN worked his cool magic on this record (you can read more about amazing Bobby Holland in my previous blogs) – it’s our own alternative twist on a pop folk country song.  

 So, as I face the cold morning of  sharing my soul with the world (so often it feels like that for us creative people doesn’t it) I breathe in and know that I’m excited to share this with you and I hope that it lifts you up as much as it has done for me.

  “This is not the end it’s just where you start again, coming from the ruins”

Ruins will be available from iTunes, spotify and all major online stores from May 27th 2016. 
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